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What to do Next

At Lady Anne Funerals, our greatest concern is easing your burden. We’ve created two simple lists to help you with the next steps, please call us at 1300 74 00 74, if you have any questions.

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Your Needs

At Lady Anne Funerals, our goal is to provide the precise service that will celebrate and memorialise the life of your loved one. We’ve assisted families of all backgrounds and beliefs.

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We’re here to help

At Lady Anne Funerals, we’re committed to taking this difficult time in your life, and creating a memorable celebration of your loved one.

Why choose our female funeral directors?

When you choose Lady Anne Funerals, we’re your friend through a difficult time. Call us today at 1300 653 084 for more information.

The Journal of a Lady

Welcome to The Journal of a Lady, where we share news, stories, and counsel on remembering, celebrating, and bidding farewell to your loved one.

18 Jul 2014

#MH17: Making sense of tragedy

UPDATED BLOG POST: Follow our #MH17 blog post over the weekend for updates on news and how you can help victim’s loved ones left behind by this tragedy.

07 Jul 2014

Submitting an obituary

Submitting an obituary can be a difficult task if you have recently lost a loved one or know someone who has. These tips will make it just a bit easier.

27 Jun 2014

5 tips for writing a sympathy note

To try and make it a little bit easier, I’ve put together just a few tips that you can use when writing a sympathy note.