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What to do Next

At Lady Anne Funerals, our greatest concern is easing your burden. We’ve created two simple lists to help you with the next steps, please call us at 1300 74 00 74, if you have any questions.

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Your Needs

At Lady Anne Funerals, our goal is to provide the precise service that will celebrate and memorialise the life of your loved one. We’ve assisted families of all backgrounds and beliefs.

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The Journal of a Lady

Welcome to The Journal of a Lady, where we share news, stories, and counsel on remembering, celebrating, and bidding farewell to your loved one.

30 Jul 2014

Lady Anne Funerals on Faith & Funerals (Compass)

This Sunday the Lady Anne Funerals team will be featured on ABC’s Compass in a five-part series called ‘Faith & Funerals’. So I thought this would be a great time to talk about filming an experience we talk so little about.