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What to do Next

At Lady Anne Funerals, our greatest concern is easing your burden. We’ve created two simple lists to help you with the next steps, please call us at 1300 74 00 74, if you have any questions.

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Your Needs

At Lady Anne Funerals, our goal is to provide the precise service that will celebrate and memorialise the life of your loved one. We’ve assisted families of all backgrounds and beliefs.

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The Journal of a Lady

Welcome to The Journal of a Lady, where we share news, stories, and counsel on remembering, celebrating, and bidding farewell to your loved one.

25 Mar 2015

Scattering ashes – a guide from your funeral home

Saying goodbye to your loved ones is never an easy process. Funeral arrangements are not only emotionally overwhelming, but they can also be expensive. More and more families are utilising expert funeral home services for a cremation ceremony, as they are more affordable and avoid the delicate process of memorialisation. Depending on the deceased and […]

18 Mar 2015

How to choose the right nursing home

If you have made the difficult decision to put your loved one into a nursing home, you will need to consider a few elements to ensure you are making the perfect choice. It’s not an easy adjustment for the whole family, but particularly the person being shifted, so is important to proceed with the choice […]

09 Mar 2015

Should I take my kids to a funeral? A funeral directors guide

The loss of a loved one can be a traumatic time for families, and especially children, as it is a confusing time above anything else. When the loss of a close relative or friend occurs it can be difficult to explain to a young child where they have gone, and why everyone is behaving differently. […]