The story of a life – The role of a funeral celebrant

We help you remember your loved one in the most beautiful way possible. Our celebrant, Judith Marsh, is available to your family to conduct the funeral ceremony. Whether you’d prefer a religious, spiritual, or secular (non-religious) ceremony, a celebrant-directed service is a moving way to celebrate the life of your loved one. For a team of professional and compassionate ladies, contact Lady Anne for your funeral arrangements in Sydney.

Celebrant-Directed Services 

Our celebrant can direct a service and if needed, prepare a eulogy that celebrates and memorialises your loved one. Judith will meet with you to make arrangements to make sure everything is as you’d like it to be. You are welcome to make the service as custom as you like. We will happily accommodate a mixture of celebrant lead and family hosted services. Lady Anne Funerals fully support unique and personalised services for each and every family.

We are also happy to support a funeral celebrant of your choosing.

Should you need any help in planning any element of your loved one’s service you are welcome to contact Judith or any of the ladies at Lady Anne Funerals. We have created this helpful checklist for planning a funeral to ensure you feel supported when planning the service and don’t feel like you have missed any elements.

Press Notices 

We can help with the wording and placement of obituaries and other press notices. We are familiar with this process and can submit to newspapers on your behalf. Please let us know of any assistance you might require if you would prefer to submit these yourself.

Photo Services

We’’d be happy to tell the story of your loved one’s life using photos that you provide. We can have these presented in a way that tells their life story, or keep it simple with a single image in a large frame. You are welcome to personalise this section of the funeral to your suit own preferences.


Often families select a few songs to be played at the service. You are welcome to select music you wish to be played, or we can select an appropriate arrangement on your behalf. We have created some playlists for popular choices on a Spotify account here if you would like some ideas.

Memorial Books & Stationary 

We provide a place for family and loved ones to sign their names and leave a written message. We can also provide the service program to inform the guests of the ceremony proceedings and any song lyrics or poems you would like to include.

Recording of Services

To help you immortalise the celebration of your loved one’s life, we offer a complete video recording of services. You are welcome to accept or decline this as part of the service.

Speak With Us Today

If you have any questions when choosing a funeral celebrant, please feel free to ask the ladies at Lady Anne Funerals. Feel free to call us for the care and attention to detail we offer families in Sydney. Alternatively you can get in touch by using the form below.