Why Choose Female-Run Funeral Parlours?

Sydney families are continuously choosing the ladies from Lady Anne Funerals as the funeral parlour to take care of their loved ones service. This is because the compassion offered by Karen and the team is second to none. When it comes to offering sensitivity, care and compassion, our funeral directors have a lady’s touch.

The loss of a loved one is always a difficult burden to carry. That’s why at Lady Anne Funerals, we’re dedicated to doing everything within our power to take the load off your shoulders and make the memorial process as easy and painless as possible by providing a comprehensive range of memorial and burial needs. We feel that this is something that can be offered by our ladies.

Whether you want a religious, spiritual, or secular ceremony, Lady Anne Funerals is one of the few funeral parlours that are equipped to meet all of your needs and provide a moving funeral that will pay proper respect to your departed loved ones. We have been planned funerals and memorials for families of all cultural and religious denominations including Roman Catholic, Protestant, Church of jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Buddhist, Orthodox, Jehovah’s Witness, Hindu, Masonic Lodge and RSL.

A Funeral Parlour That Takes Care Of Everything

We help take care of everything – music selection, obituary wording and placement, photo stories, memorial books and stationary. Recordings of the service are also available for those families who desire a more permanent and post-friendly option. We are a well-established business with local contacts across all cultures and religious diversities, beautiful florists and efficient caterers are just a couple of examples. Details like these are important but it shouldn’t be up to you to sort it all out. Give yourself time to grieve, remember, and celebrate by letting the funeral directors at Lady Anne handle all of the arrangements.

Lady Anne Funerals is a funeral parlour where you will have the same female consultant assisting you throughout the entirety of the process. From the very first decisions like the casket selection and throughout service arrangements and deciding upon a burial location. This is an intimate process that requires personalised care and attention, and that’s why we never pass off duties from one staff member to the next.

Funeral Parlour Sydney

Your Local Funeral Parlour Sydney

Lady Anne Funerals is independently owned and operated by a team of directors who understand the varying needs of our neighbours throughout Sydney. We tailor every service to fit your requirements no matter what time, location, beliefs, or philosophies you want to incorporate. You should never have to deal with funeral parlours that force or rush you to make decisions too quickly.

This is something you will never experience at Lady Anne because we know that arranging a proper memorial is a powerful responsibility that requires care, compassion, and attention to detail. We’re here to provide our friends and neighbours in Sydney with an unparalleled level of each.

Choose One Of The Best Funeral Parlours In Australia

When you choose Lady Anne Funerals, you can be confident that you’re not only selecting one of the most compassionate funeral parlours Sydney wide but that your family will receive a personalised service suitable to your loved one.

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