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For many families in need of a funeral services provider, the last thing they need is a funeral home that is out of touch with their needs and operates from a nameless corporate head office in another state. Our ladies at Lady Anne Funerals are locally based right here in Sydney and deliver funeral services that are highly personalised and tailored to the family – just how it should be.

You will never have to deal with difficult to reach funeral directors nor will you be handed off to multiple staff members. Once you make that call to us, you will always work with the same lady. And of course, providing beautiful funeral services – fit for all kinds of budgets – is our priority.

Experts of Compassionate Funeral Services

Lady Anne Funerals is a family business. Our founder Karen Laing started the funeral home as a way to realise her deep desire to help families through tough times. From the very first year of business, Karen has continued to employ women who share this passionate belief. All the staff are mothers, sisters, daughters and aunts with siblings and friends just like you. This is what makes us compassionate experts for your family funeral services and leaders in planning the best funeral services.

Beauty And Affordability For Your Loved One

For us, your experience should be one where all that matters is celebrating the life of your loved one – not losing sleep about financial matters. That’s why it’s so important to us that Lady Anne Funerals offers affordable funeral services. Just like you, our ladies also have families to care for even when times are stressful and budgets are tough and you can be certain that we’ll be there for you every step of the way, at no extra cost.

To help with planning funeral services and your own financial planning, we have a number of plans and packages available including strategies such as pre-paid funerals.

For families who have experienced an unexpected death, you can also feel confident that Lady Anne Funerals will not rush you into options that will cost you extra money. Take a look over what you need to have in place before we start with the funeral arrangements.


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What Do I Need To Have In Place Before We Plan The Funeral?

At Lady Anne Funerals, our greatest concern is easing your burden and we can help you arrange a funeral as soon as you obtain a death certificate. Once we have this document we can go ahead with planning a beautiful service for your loved one no matter your religious faith or cultural background.

In the case of an expected or natural cause of death, a doctor will need to sign a Death Certificate. If the death was not natural then you will need to call the police who will submit a report to the Coroner’s Office. We can understand how difficult this can be for you and so our ladies are more than happy to take this task off your shoulders.

If you would like more information about funeral services Sydney, then give the ladies at Lady Anne Funerals a call today or get in touch below.

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