non-religious funerals

Celebrating the life of your loved one

Sometimes family and loved ones prefer a service that focuses solely on celebrating the life of the deceased. Lady Anne Funerals can assist you throughout the planning process for a diverse range of non-religious funerals in Sydney. Everything from choosing a resting location to writing the eulogy. Scroll down to read more about how the ladies can help you.

Planning non-religious funerals in Sydney

The initial stage of passing is always very delicate to manage. But like all other funerals, the first step is to obtain the death certificate of your loved one. This is always easier to get if the passing occurs in a hospital or nursing home since staff are always within close range.

As soon as the death certificate has been issued, we are just one call away from helping out with everything you need to plan a non-religious funeral.

Have you already obtained a copy? Contact our lady funeral directors 24/7.

Choosing a location for non religious funerals in Sydney

Although the funeral service may be non-religious, some families still opt to have the burial in a predominantly religious cemetery, for example, of christian faith.

For those families that do not wish to bury their loved one in a religious cemetery, there are a few options including a burial at Sydney Natural Burial Park.

At LadyAnne Funerals, we have a relationship with many cemeteries in the greater Sydney area and are ready to help you arrange a beautiful burial location for your loved one.

Read more about the number of cemeteries around the greater Sydney area.

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Following the wishes of your loved one

Many families that come to us for a non-religious funeral service, already have an idea of what the service should look like as well as how it should proceed. Often this if because their loved one had expressed their funeral wishes before they passed away.

This poses no problem to the LadyAnne Funeral team as we are able to assist with even just the minor details if need be.

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No service, no attendance

If your loved one preferred not to have a funeral service of any kind, then our No Service, No Attendance option may be best. Sometimes this option is also taken when there are heavy financial limitations and a budget solution is required.

No matter the reason, our lady funeral directors will quickly and compassionately transfer the deceased from their place of death, gather all the necessary documentation, and handle their burial or cremation for you.

Does this sound like something for your loved one? You can call us any time of day.

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