religious funerals

Whatever your religion or faith, our ladies can conduct a beautiful religious or traditional funeral service

Australians have a rich cultural diversity. This means that the funeral services we hold for our loved ones are also very diverse. At Lady Anne Funerals, you can be rest assured that irrespective of your religion or faith, our lady funeral directors and celebrants can conduct a respectful service.

Do you already know how you would like to hold the religious or traditional funeral? Then let’s start planning a beautiful service.

Planning a religious or traditional funeral ceremony in Sydney, then scroll down and take a look through the diverse range of religious funerals that Lady Anne Funerals can provide.

Roman Catholic Funerals

Our lady funeral directors are familiar with all stages of Roman Catholic funerals. If you find talking to the Priest is too overwhelming, you can be sure that we are there to step in for you. We will assist you as much as needed through the vigil, the funeral Mass and during the committal of the deceased.

We’ll make sure everything goes smoothly, so you can bid your loved one farewell.

Masonic Lodge Service

At the request of a departed Brother or his family, LadyAnne Funerals can skillfully organise a traditional Masonic service. Whether the service is held in a chapel, home, church, synagogue or Lodge room, our lady funeral directors are ready to craft an honourable service together with a Master.

If the committal is to take place at a separate location to the service, we are able to transport the casket incorporating any Masonic traditions into the service.

Are you family of a departed Brother? Let us start organise his service today


Hindu Funeral 

Most Australians are familiar with attending a funeral service about a week after a loved one passes away. Since so many of us are used to this timeframe, including health professionals and legal teams, it can be difficult for families of other faiths, like Hindu, that need to hold the funeral within 24 hours of their loved one passing away.

So to help you through the first 24 hours, a time which can often be extremely stressful, our lady funeral directors are available to assist however you wish. Our caring staff will handle the logistical and legal details, so that you can focus on preparing a pure Hindu service.

If you need extra assistance, such as finding a florist, we are ready and willing to offer further help.

Time is precious, we understand that. Let us help you get through the first 24 hours.

Protestant Funerals

Our lady funeral directors have helped families of all Protestant denominations. So whether you’re Anglican/Episcopalian, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian or Quaker, you can be sure that we will tailor a beautiful funeral service in collaboration with your pastor to best remember the life of your loved one.

If you also need assistance organising cremation, LadyAnne Funerals is ready to help.

Do you need help planning a funeral with your pastor? Get in touch with us right away.


Jehovah’s Witness Funeral Services

We’ll arrange a service that respectfully honours the deceased. By working closely with the Elders, we will make sure everything is arranged properly including finding your local Kingdom Hall.

If you don’t have contact with a Congregation Elder, our lady funeral directors can also organise this. Whether the service lasts 15 or 30 minutes, you can be sure that we will arrange the funeral accordingly.

Let us help you plan a respectful service.


Buddhist Funeral Ceremony

Even though there are a number of different buddhist traditions, LadyAnne Funerals is equipped to support you in which ever way you choose to conduct the funeral ceremony.

For many, the first seven days is most important and here is where we can help you to ensure that the funeral is simple, solemn and dignified. We’ll endeavour to find a serene and peaceful place for the wake as well as help you prepare the casket and altar.

Let us help a funeral within your means.


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

After the passing of a Mormon, our lady funeral directors will contact your bishop to make arrangements for the funeral. Whilst LadyAnne Funerals is not in itself a Mormon funeral home, we are familiar with the religion’s traditions so we understand your needs at this difficult time.

We will work alongside the bishop to help notify friends and relatives of funeral details as well as preparing the obituary. LadyAnne Funerals will be there supporting you from throughout the viewing, the funeral, and the graveside service to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Let us starting working with your bishop to celebrate the life of your loved one.


Greek Orthodox Funerals

For many Australians who are Greek migrants, or children of Greek immigrants, traditional beliefs and customs remain important to the funeral process. We understand that knowledge of the traditions may come from early memories of funerals and memorials in home villages or towns so we will work closely with a local priest to recreate what it is you hold dear during the funeral ceremony.

Whether or not you wish the service to be conducted in an orthodox church is entirely up to you, our lady funeral directors will help you plan a funeral that meets all your needs.

Are you trying to organise an orthodox funeral? Let us help you.


RSL Funeral Services 

Members of the RSL will always be honoured for their sacrifices as part of the funeral service. Our lady funeral directors will ensure that all standard procedures are followed, including the handing out of poppies to mourners of your loved one.

If you’re looking to personalise the service a little, we can work with the RSL representative to include your requests in addition to The Ode, and the playing of the “Last Post” or “Reveille”.

Let us help you honour their sacrifice.